Friday, March 26, 2010

self evaluation

While watching my demonstration speech I found a couple of areas that needed improvement. Since I did my speech outside it made it pretty difficult to hear what I was saying, so I guess next time I would try to find a better place that I could do my speech, preferably not in an area where there is a lot of wind. Another thing I noticed is that I rushed through my speech. This is something that happens me a lot when I get nervous, so I think practicing it a little more would be better as well. I also think that I didn’t have very good enthusiasm or tone changes. Naturally I think I am very monotone, so this is something that I definitely need to work on. Along with tone changing I also think that I need to work on my volume, granted it was outside I think I could’ve been much louder. I think the best part of my speech was the introduction. It outlined the speech well and gave the audience a good reason to listen to my speech. The body of my speech was alright, but the ending is where I struggled the most. I didn’t’ memorize it as well as I memorized the introduction and I left out some information that was vital, like the hook. I think my speech was visually interesting because we went outside… on a beautiful day! I am sure that I would choose to do this speech again, but I would try to involve the class more than I did. I didn’t realized until afterward that there is a beach volleyball court nearby, so I would probably take advantage of that next time. Next time I would practice a  lot more and try to include the class. Here is a link to my speech.

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