Friday, March 26, 2010

Response to Darius Feaster's blog about endorsements

I really like Darius' blog about Shaquillle ONeil and his endorsements of Nestle's Crunch bar. I agree with his view about the endorsement. Shaq is definitely a strong player, and I really like how Darius incorporated the quote from one of the nestle marketing managers. In my opinion, now-a-days the celebrity endorsements are starting to make more sense than they did in the past. And this endorsement is an example of just that. There are marketing managers who know realize that people aren't as easily swayed as the marketers once thought they were. We are smarter now and we know that just because the ad has celebrities, doesn't mean that they are an expert in that field. I did think that the fact that they made a bar 9.25 lbs might be stretching it a little. I'm not sure that even Shaw can put down a bar that size, but he is big! I think Nestle did a great job in choosing the right celebrity for their product. Shaq is definitely one of the biggest and the strongest, and if that is what Nestle wants to incorporate with the Crunch bar, then it was a perfect match!

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