Monday, April 19, 2010

Peer Response

In Esperanza's blog she talks about the celebrity endorsement of Proactive by multiple celebrities. Esperanza's view on the endorsement is the same view that I would also take. The Proactive company does a really good job of choosing good looking celebrities that are liked my many teenagers. They chose a target audience, young teenagers, and aimed for a genre, mainly the music industry stars, to sell the product for them. This is because the generation now is engulfed in the music industry and what it does. The Proactive company thinks that young teens are swayed by big stars and will run out to buy any products that their favorite stars are willing to endorse. This is something that we have come to understand, and I believe that young teens now are not as easily persuaded to buy products that they were in the past. I have personally used Proactive before and it is truly nothing special. The products are over priced facial cleansers that you can find anywhere at a much cheaper price. The company does a great job in their adds of making the product look like it works wonders on the user, and the celebrities gladly endorse this because Proactive is giving them money and free products. From the link in Esperanza's blog it talked about the correlation of celebrity endorsements and if the advertisements convince the viewers to buy the products. The study showed that there is no correlation. So I'm not sure if this supports Esperanza's views on the subject, but it is another good way to show that companies should not put a ton of money into having celebrities advertise their products, because in the end it is either too risky because the celebrity may slip up later on, or it just might not even work at all. I thought Esperanza's view on the subject was presented well and the blog post was very well written.

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