Friday, April 30, 2010

Post 5: Compare Two Online Articles

The controversial issue I chose to study is the new Arizona immigration law. This interested me because there is a ton of people taking both sides of the issue, but other than that I had no idea what it was. The controversial issue about the law is where it says that the police can arrest a person if there is reasonable suspicion that he or she is in the country illegally. The article that opposed the law said that it is an issue of racial profiling, a civil rights disaster, and an insult to American values. The article basically states that anyone who is out on the street with brown skin will be asked to prove his or her citizenship. One thing I found a little fishy about this article is that the Latino population in Arizona is now considered second class. I don’t think that is what is meant by this bill. The article also states that the bill was set up by law firms with affiliations to Nazi sympathizers and racists groups. This is very alarming since the law also states that a citizen can sue any law enforcement agency that does not enforce the bill. It sounds like they just want to make money and have the chance to legally be racist. In the other article it talked about how illegal immigration is getting out of hand and they even talked about my home state, Minnesota. I remember reading an article about how MN is the third highest on the list of states that immigrants flee to, which I truly thought was amazing. The article said that the Arizona senator is looking towards the Wisconsin senator for some support, which they expect to be supported by many Minnesotans. The article also stated that President Obama said the law has been “poorly conceived”.  Basically they say that the law is just enforcing the law, not trying to promote racial profiling. It also talked about the cost of illegal immigrants for various states, which was truly alarming. Even though people keep saying that the law is racial profiling, 70% of the population in Arizona approves it. Personally I didn’t have an opinion about this controversial issue, and frankly I still do not think these two articles have enough information to sway me either way. 

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