Monday, April 19, 2010

Blod Post #4 Analysis of a Celebrity Endorsement

Many girls and even boys knew the Olsen twins, and we even grew up with them. Yet no one could foresee what would soon lay ahead for them in their future. Mary-Kate Olsen was admitted into rehab in 2007 for the eating disorder, anorexia nervosa. She was down to merely 80 pounds when she was admitted and slowly gained weight, but this was not good for the Got Milk campaign. A couple of years before the rehab check-in the twins did a photo for the Got Milk ads to promote healthy beverage choices for kids. It is quite obvious that you cannot have an anorexic young woman trying to tell the kids to make healthy choices. Young girls and even boys may look at this and and think that being healthy means being very small. The ad, pictured above shows the girls posed together. They are small and a small amount of their torso is showing, but it is clear that these two girls are very small. I do not think that the Olsen twins are an appropriate choice or this ad campaign. They have even been suspected of being addicted to drugs. I think it would be wise for the Got Milk agency to find a better way of displaying the healthier choice of milk, because choosing celebrities is risky business. This web site talks about the Olsen twins and how they are unlikely candidates for a Got Milk ad. The strong point of the add was to get younger girls to drink more milk because it helps you to grow strong… but the Olsen twins are only 5’1” and 5’2”. This is an obvious problem, the girls cannot promote the ad to help girls grow strong and tall when they are short petite girls. There are even more interesting things about the ad that the web site talks about. 

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