Friday, April 30, 2010

Response to Tom's Endorsement Blog

I thought Tom’s blog about the endorsement of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” was great. The ad of Ozzy Osbourne and the butter has hilarious. He was a great choice for the advertisement because it was funny and random, which is exactly what the company looks for and also what Tom stated. I also think he was a good choice because the UK loves Ozzy. Personally I think he is a good choice to sponsor anything because when he talks people almost always listen. I’m not sure if Tom’s blog was long enough though. Some more information about the company or about Ozzy would have been good. Maybe talk about how Ozzy has gotten off of drugs and is on a better path, or talking about the previous people who were in the past ads. As all women know, Fabio was the most famous endorser of the butter that isn’t butter, and Ozzy doesn’t quite bring the same Fabio effect. This may be because the butter company is trying to attract more of the male target audience, or even the younger audience. Also the past adds had a lot of families in them, so maybe the butter company feels that they have out done this target audience and they need to move into another area to get more consumers. 

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